We have developed a new artistic tool using artificial intelligence. Through ekphrasis and decoupage, the visitor interacts with Raquel-IA proposing, creating and exploring verbal concepts through visual art assisted by artificial intelligence, questioning new meanings by materializing concepts in a visual artistic work, providing symbology and expression to a work through user interaction with the combination of artificial intelligence and knowledge about Art.

By investigating human creativity, understanding the decision-making process, implementing this knowledge in an artificial cognitive system and proposing a model of artistic processes, we have managed to implement "computational creativity" through Raquel-IA Ekphrastic Art; which now possesses the ability to replicate some aspects of human creative artistic behaviour.

The Raquel-IA collaborative development process...

  • encourages interest in the investigation of the human creative process, defining values ​​on the conceptualization and sequence of an artificial system.

  • consolidates the multidisciplinary participation of various areas of the arts, neurosciences, linguistics and artificial intelligence, in a collaborative and educational effort.

  • strengthens the necessary infrastructure in advanced systems and human resources, to achieve and maintain global technological leadership from our technological ecosystem.

Raquel-IA's technology, Ekphrastic Art, firstly reduces the vocabulary to a simplified version of 1000 words, converts each sentence to an ideogram (graphical representation of a concept) and displays each sentence in an illustrative space predefined by the relationships between all the words. of reduced vocabulary. By displaying each ideogram of a sentence in this illustrative space, each ideogram is made to represent a concept regardless of the specific words and grammar. The distance between two sentences is then defined by their semantic similarity. This allows Raquel-IA Ekphrastic Art to "understand" the meaning of each visitor's phrase and choose a relevant work of art for inspirational purposes.

In this illustrative space, Raquel-IA keeps an ekphrastic description - that is, a literary, vivid, sometimes rhetorical description - of paintings, sculptures and photographs. Through a search, Raquel-IA associates in a sophisticated way works in her memory to each sentence of the text that the visitor provides to use them as inspiration for her own work.